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Funny Wedding Vows

Why would a couple choose to use a funny wedding vows? Well, let's face it: a wedding can be a very stressful time. They were supposed to center around a couple of love and commitment to one another. But they often end up being about money, pressure and huge expectations. For this reason, his writing funny wedding vows can be a great way to break the tension. It can also allow you to enjoy your special day a little more!

If you need help getting started, just thinking about what kinds of activities you two enjoy doing together. Then think about hobbies do not share, because it's always easy to make jokes about the differences in personality. One example is if one of you likes to stay in and read at night, and the other is a total party animal. Funny wedding vows and work especially well if they play off a well-known fact about the groom. It can be funny quirks, like their obsession with spaghetti, or their penchant for buying odd pieces of artwork.
The most successful funny vows usually start off in a serious tone, and then turn humorous when you least expect it. Here are some great examples:

* "Katherine, I take Paul to be legally bound by my husband. I promise to love you until the stars fall from the sky. I promise to never hog the game on TV, and to refrain from nagging about your love for Doritos ."

* "I, John, take you Mary, to be legally bound by my wife, to have and hold from this day forward. For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and appreciate from today forward ... to infinity and beyond !"

Another great idea for injecting some humor into their profession to include some popular jokes, poems, or songs. You can also include your wedding officiant in the fun. Take, for example, to the wedding vows Dr. Seuss published in several online wedding website:

* "Mrs. Seuss, would be the man to be your lawful husband married? Could you have at home? Would you be able with this louse? Could you at our church? Would you could you birth? Want i take this i'm the man in the morning and feed him green eggs and ham ?"

Funny wedding vows can be a great way to spice up your festivities and make it a day that guests will never forget. Just keep in mind that you should run your ideas past your officiant before the ceremony, as well as your future husband. This ensures that your vows are acceptable and appropriate. Once you've gotten the OK from both sides, have fun on their wedding day, and enjoy reciting their personalized vows!

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